Digital money

for a digital age

Global, fast and secure

Start using traditional currency on the Blockchain

Get the joint benefits of open blockchain technology and traditional currency

100% Backed

Every kether is always backed by the traditional currency stored in our reserves, So 1 USDK is always equal to 1 USD.

Stable Currency

Kether converts cash into digital currency, and has the same value as the national currency price such as US Dollar, or other currencies.


We support instant payments without waiting for blockchain confirmation to make it faster and easy for you to transact.


All kethers in circulation always match our reserves and all transactions are transparent and can be tracked in the blockchain explorer we use.


Kether provides world-class blockchain security while meeting international compliance standards and regulations.

Blockchain Technology

The Kether platform is built on top of Ethereum blockchain technologies, and leveraging the security and transparency that they provide.

Digital currency built for the digital age

You can do now with digital cash to get a lot of ease in transacting


Move your currency between exchanges and wallets, and you can secure your own money using hardware wallet like a Trezor or Ledger wallet.


Offer your business services with digital currencies. and ease of transactions with currencies that are familiar to you or your customers.


Use Kether as an alternative traditional currency to make a deposit or withdrawal and manage your assets steadily on the exchanges.


Reduce operational costs and times by passing financial institutions, and support payments around the world easily and quickly.

Say goodbye to high transaction fees

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